Macrolake infinite improvement


Macrolake infinite improvement

  • Describe the benefits of focusing on principles
  • Articulate principle-driven behavior
  • Identify how tools link to systems
  • See and assess behavior to provide constructive feedback
  • Explore what adjustments could be made to improve systems in driving ideal behavior


  • Select high impact systems to drive ideal behavior
  • Scientifically Experiment with adjusting systems
  • Re-align systems to eliminate work-a-rounds/fire-fighting
  • Build system reliability - monit or behavior


  • Clarify teaching role: when to mentor, coach, lecture
  • Unify the learning and teaching cycles
  • Ask questions that inspire an d motivate
  • Unleash talent and passion
  • Create a workforce that engages in continuous improvement


  • Translate your desired culture into specific behaviors
  • Monitor behavior (KBI) an d performanc e (KPI)
  • Align and measure the execution of YOUR strategy
  • Create a visual map to align and adjust your culture
  • Identify key roles and responsibility to manage your culture