About us


WeiXin erweima      Macrolake supplies products, facilities (Joint store for win-win and cooperates with Amazon Store), and services to life & work, advocates and practises excellent or world class operation, harmonic interpersonal relationship, aesthetic life and virtuous society.

      We serve training and on-site projects to improve operational efficiency and product quality of enterprise and factory reducing operational cost and losses by deploying LEAN, TPM, Asset management and HACCP etc. methodologies.

      Welcome to join us (As hands-off supplier, Joint store owner, article writer or our employee etc.) and you can also upload resources including commodities display in joint store, videos, musics and comments etc.

      The people who upload information will get user points which can be cashed, or used to shop in points store.

ADDRESS: UNIT 17, 9/F., TOWER A, NEW MANDARIN PLAZA, NO.14 SCIENCE MUSEUM ROAD, TSIMSHATSUI, KOWLOON. 24/7 Email:service@macrolake.com;  QQ:2052764481; 

24/7 Tel: +00852 30623052 +086 134 390 68689; WeChat:PointsStore

If anything found ruins intellectual property, please contact us.