07, Selecting the Process Structure and Technology


7.1, More than one production process

        When producing Yoghurt, we can let some people mixing the ingredients, some people sterilize the semi-products, some people ferment it and some people package it. And we can let one group of people do all of the Yoghurt producing activities from mixing the ingredients to package the fermented Yoghurt.

7.2, A common classification of prodution process structures

       1. Flow Processes (More effecient).  For example, when producing UHT milk, the materials flow from silo to pasteurization, and then to buffer tank and UHT, and then to filling machine.

       2. Job-Shop processes(More flexible). For example, when building a truck, one shop builds the truck trunk, one shop builds the engine, one shop may build the driver cage and the other shop may combines all of the components together.

       3. Cellular Processeses. It is made of flow processes and Job-shop processes together.

       4. Project  Processes. For example, to build a Airport or deploy an improvement project etc.

7.3, Modern technologies

        Modern technologies make UHT milk possible. And we can also consider to use high speed or low speed machines according to the current situation.

        Keep in mind that one whole production system may be made up of different subsystems.