Team building


The target of team building is high performance and the foundation of high performance is the owner like team with correct direction, clear responsibility and proper pacesetting. Five harms of team efficiency are doubt (Don't trust, no coperation, each does things with his own way), hide conflicts (Overtly agree but covertly oppose), no commitment, no conscience of ownership, no result (Not KPI oriented). When form a team (Forming), we must tell the team, what is the direction of the team and support the effective action when storming guiding team to norming and performance with proper momentum. Delagating enough is the key when it is in the performance phase to avoid overloading assuring suatainable work enthusiasm. In the early phase of one team, it must be supported by the leader with the absolute obeying of the subordinates (Coercive phase) and then get the authority (Authoritative phase). In the third phase, affiliative phase so called, we should consider the welfare of the team to set up a very good atmosphere encoraging all of the team members expressing their ideas. And then setup the proper pace for the team to guide the team conquering obstacles stepping forward to high performance.