Movie of bacteria and virus with people


细菌病毒与人类生活        Do you know what live in a tiny water? How many bateria and viruses are affeting human's lives. Now we granted soap and bathe actually took a long time to be accepted in human lives. Our skin and hair will appear as the valleys and huge caves to the microbes. Bacteria can cause illness and allergy, they can also eat the flesh of human being. Some bacteria can even explore in the brain and break the brain. And the -20 C  refrigerator, which we think being safe, actually is some bacteria's living bed and they can kill us if we eat the stored foods without heating. Some bacteria still live in the UHT product quietly without being feeling or seen. Some can do benefit to us such as making cheese and yoghurt. The toxin of clostridium botulilum is 1000 times as the most dangerous snake in the world, but they can remove the skin and face's wrinkles. Some popular microbes such as those who can make people catch cold, kill people in a 90% probability which is Ebola virus, phages which can make fermenting failing and those which can make tulips more beatiful ...