Aseptic production of milk and juice


       The intention of this book is to present some of the knowledgeacquired during many years of practical work on the qualitycontrol and quality assurance of long-life products. Differentfactors have an impact on product quality – the standard of the rawmaterials, the equipment involved, the processes applied, opera-tional procedures, installation, and so on. In order to produce ahigh quality product, a thorough understanding of these factors isnecessary. An attempt has been made to discuss and present thematerial in a comprehensible way concentrating on microbio-logical aspects. The HACCP (QACP) concept has been used as amodel for process control.UHT-treated and aseptically packaged products have beenproduced in large quantities for quite some time. So far, the litera-ture available concentrates on particular aspects of product andequipment characteristics and the technology involved. A moregeneral presentation appears to be lacking. Hopefully, our workwill help close the gap.To a large extent, the available “old” literature has beenconsulted. The new literature is readily accessible through dataprofile searches. In addition, more than 25 years of practical fieldexperience has gone into this study.The different topics are arranged in such a way that each chap-ter stands as an independent entity. Of necessity, this has led tosome repetitions. We hope that the reader will accept the problemand make allowances for the consequences. It is also our hope thatthis study will contribute to the production of long-life productswith a high level of quality.Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to all theTetra Pak people who have helped to prepare this book and whohave contributed with valuable comments on the contents. Thisapplies particularly to Gösta Odelberg B. Sc., Regional ManagerFiSQA (Field Service Quality Assurance) and Dr. Charles Sizer.Åkarp, August 1998

Dr. Bernhard von Bockelmann      Dr. Irene von Bockelmann

Aseptic quality management

You can use cash or points to buy this book at points store or related display area. English version and name is Quality management of aseptic production, Chinese version and name is 无菌生产质量管理.