Link 9 KPIs and 40 KBIs with 127 BPs relevant to ISO 55001


17 modules 9KPIs + 40KBIs
Support Facilities and Tools 5S in Workshops and Support Facilities
Support Facilities and Tools Support Facilities Condition
Support Facilities and Tools Average Services Availability
Asset Care Plans % Tactical Work
Asset Care Plans Asset Condition
Asset Care Plans Engineering Availability
Work Planning and Control Maintenance Backlog
Work Planning and Control Weekly Schedule Attainment
Work Planning and Control Labour Utilisation
Work Planning and Control Technical Overtime
Technical Information Technical Information Availability
Technical Information Technical Information Accuracy
Material Management MRO Stock Accuracy
Material Management Stores Service Level
Material Management Purchasing Service Level
Material Management 5S/Safety in Warehouses
Material Management Stock Turns (excluding insurance spares)
Contractor Management Contractor SLA Scores
Contractor Management Contractor Cost Variance
Contractor Management Contractor Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate
Operator Asset Care 5S in Operational Areas
Operator Asset Care Tactical Maintenance Done By Operators
Operator Asset Care Engineering Availability
Operator Asset Care % Tactical Work
Focused Improvement Savings from Improvement Projects
Focused Improvement Improvement Project Success
Performance Measurement KPI Performance
Performance Measurement KPI Measurement
Organisation and Development % Technical Vacancies
Organisation and Development Technical Overtime
Organisation and Development Technical Staff Turnover
Organisation and Development Technical Staff Absenteeism
Project and Shutdown Management Project/Shut Duration Compliance
Project and Shutdown Management Project/Shut Task Compliance
Project and Shutdown Management Project/Shut Budget Compliance
Life Cycle Management Maintenance Cost as % of Asset Replacement Value
Life Cycle Management Vertical Start-Up
Life Cycle Management Operational Cost per Unit
Risk Management Insurance Risk Rating
Information Management Maintenance Data Velocity
Information Management Financial Data Velocity
Information Management Material Data Velocity
Information Management Asset Data Velocity
Information Management Project Data Velocity
Financial Management Capital Budget Attainment
Financial Management Maintenance Budget Variance
Financial Management IFRS Compliance
Environment, Health & Safety Safety Compliance
Environment, Health & Safety Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate
Environment, Health & Safety Environmental Compliance
Environment, Health & Safety Year on Year Energy Reduction
Strategy Management Asset Effectiveness (eg OEE)
Strategy Management Operational Cost per Unit
Strategy Management Overall Asset Utilisation