My cherished childhood memories


Footsteps of years walk ceaselessly,having gone too soon ,I had already spent more or less than 30seasons. The most cherished memeory was when I was living with my grandmother,and at that time my ancle and aunt were in their 17’.I am their little pet ,an apple of their eyes, they gave me pin money, gave me little toy bear who have music that was magical to me at that time; the little plastic toy people who can move, when you twist the the mental that in the back of him. They hold me in their arms to sleep.Sure enough I had a happy childhood.My grantparets always took me to the field ,in there and I can turn the grass upside down ceaselessly to seize the grigs with curiousity,did not afraid the lalaseedling the grass that always scratch my skin.eventually I seized a grigs,its my triumph,I laughed and laughed,then I can observe him in the colse range,there! who had the legs full of saws,with two antennas in his slippy head , the wings he weared like a gentleman, I liked it very much!so I made the house for he,I dig the mud with my childhood friend, made the mud square shape,dig the mud out from the squre big mud ,then there had the space,I fecthed stickes and made them orderly pluged in the mud, and there were gap for fresh air and wind ,then the grips house was done.I put he in his big house ,with a grass in. put it besides my little creature made the my life happy.

summer is a beatiful season. I always barefooted ,with platic bags full of water in left hand ,and a stick attach a plastic bottle on its top in my right hand,dash to the pond edge, to salvaged the tadpole. They always in a great group ,as I through the bottle to the pond ,I always had many of them in my bottle,then put them in my plastic bag and dashed to home with much green alga in the bottle. I ask my grandparents give me the big transparet glass bottle to put them in ,with the green alga.At the beginning I can see the black creature with the green alga,the color which mathched so well,and I always mixed the ltttle white rock in ,sat still to watch the happy tadpole cheerfully swam from here to there. every now and then they will go to the little rock to sucked ,I like them .I discovered they should have friend on land,and I put the grig together with them ,i changed the bud house for grig to the glass caned bootle with the cap made holes by my aunts ,they can see each other,they lived harmoney with each company. .….The first time I learn to ride bycicle,which was newly bought for my little aunt, but I eagerly to ride it ,my anunts put  me on and holded it for me and loose hands lets go of his fingers, letting me balance myself, I scared cheerfully, after many times runed into ricks ……my cherished memories was my childhood,the frist day I wore new clothes with the new school bag; when I got to school and was late for lesson all the time Always day dreaming in the class till I don't even know the lessons done Then my teacher always tell me never ever be lazy again. played and always having fun with the nei***our next to me ,until the setting sun, Those were the days of my past I miss my hometown I miss my old friend When will I see them I recall the childhood full of happiness,that cannot come again,which are our treasure,the first time make house for the little creature and bring them up,the first time changed the water for little creature and watched them gradually from big head black tadpole to green big eyes frog………….today I have no time to dash to the pound with feetbared and even have I will shy…I no longer have the simplicity.The natural grass will not surround our house but the manicured lawn. All the plastic material surround fresh air but everynow and then smell the chemical from the dump…