Look for Mammy


My daddy named me Wei wei(卫唯), and I am 3 years old now. Today I wanted to draw though I have a broken heart. Before my daddy and mommy always quarreled and I am lonely with my mommy leaving us. Whatever, I drawed! The drawing is here as the following!

skull like

Do you like my drawing?

Mommy does not like her, so her left eye is with tears; Little friends do not like her, so her right eye is also with tears. But my daddy liked her, I brought her home!

I wanted to draw Mommy liked Hello Kitty originally, but drawing uncle told me that Hello Kitty was gone, was it because that my mommy was not here? But my little pig is also lovely?

Pig with tears

I don't want to leave from daddy, I want to be together with mommy and want to play together with other children.

My daddy always says I am lovely though I often awake him in the mid-night by asking for mommy.

Daddy told me that he liked Mommy and Mommy would be happy if she left from us; Daddy told me that he also liked me, must I leave from daddy to look for happy?

But I would rather stay together with Daddy and hoping who can see my Mommy and tell her I really really miss her! Daddy also really really miss her. Daddy and me is eager for her being back.

My picture is here now. Mommy told me before that  if who made her see my picture, she would be back. Would you please help to send my picture to her.