Taste Life

We come born in the world with 8000 days to learn how to make living (learning in the school), with 8000 days making living (working in the unit), with 8000 days having to live with an old body in which we have to maintain ourselves or see doctors, leaving only 8000 days to enjoy so called quality life if we'd like to. Are we passing by these 8000 days quickly or we are really tasting some tea, listening to the music or enjoying the flavor of the little flowers besides the roads to our destination! Are we disturbed by the complex and noisy interpersonal relationship or just feel the breath of the sea in the serene evening? Are we always hurrying for the work or just walk in leasure to enjoy the moutains and waters in the world with friends and family. Have we really thought what we got or we lost! Let it be! Grasp of it now!