Engage your member with team


Alignment the member with team

F1: Let your member understand his value in team pillars using flow chart, try to transform his activities to his individual KPIs.

F2: Let your member understand his roles in teams, link his KPIs with the teams'.

F3: Map his skills (SOPs and OPLs) by linking them to his KPIs. Record his activities or skill results by CIL sheet.  Monitor and maintain his KPIs.

1C: Check the trend of his KPIs; Test the effectiveness and correlation of his skills with his KPIs. Test the correlation of his KPIs with the team's KPIs.

2p: Maintain or optimize his skills, CIL activities record and KPIs trend by using critical factors analysis & counter-measures recommendations.

3A: Train measures and form the new skills. Add the skill activities into his CIL record forms.

4D: Analyze the criticalities (CCP control) of your member's activities by linking them with every process point through flow chat and carry out the CIL activities and record. Maintain and improve your team's KPI trend.