Macrolake consultancy


Macrolake serves opertional excellence solution for Organization.

       Asset Management       Asset management related ISO55000 series  was released in the first quater of Year 2014 with the mission to maximise the asset value of one enterprise. It covers asset provison, asset configuration & maintenance and asset operation. SAMP (Strategical asset management plan) trys to reach zero idle asset caused by asset provision, the whole line's configuration is near 1:1 without bottle neck equipment, zero speed loss and high effeciency of production line, and zero setup time loss. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), LCC (Life cycle cost), NPV (Net Present Value) and asset productivity (Production amount per 10K currency asset input) are the generally used leading KPIs. 1% improvement of OEE means 0.2% saving of one enterprise's annual revenue. 
 Total Productive Maintenance


      Competitiveness is decided by management ultimately.

      Advanced Management is the foundation of high quality, low cost and low safety accidents.


      The target of TPM is zero accident, zero defect and zero loss.

      TPM(Total Productive Maintenance, the ultimate certification is World Class Manufacturing with the abbreviation being WCM)is verified decision factor for competitiveness. 

      More and More enterprises who strive for operational excellence are now using TPM to improve their operational levels. 

       The guiding KPIs of TPM include Productivity, quality, cost, Delivery, Morale, safety and Environment etc.  Thanks for the contribution of ph Dr. Nino.

 Food quality & safety

      A lot of factors affect the quality and safety of end products including the quality of raw material, manufactruing equipments, processing and operating etc.

      We use QACP (Quality assurance control point) to prioritize and manage quality and safety affecting factors easily and with relative low quality cost.

      UHT (Ultra High Temperature) sterilized and packaged products have been developed for long time with the effort to understand its characteristics. We introduce one effective quality and safety management method from the perspective of microbes.

      Thanks for the contributions from Dr. Bernhard von Bockelmann and Dr. Irene von Bockelmann.


 Intelligent Manufacturing

      With the support of industry 4.0,enterprise steps forward to operational excellence easilty and consistently.

      MES deploys Business Intelligence systematically and easily.

      Visual Management:Conform abstract data to simple graph and table.

      Mega Data and cloud management: Use data to decide quickly. 

      CPS connection between equipments:Makes asset to communicate.

      Smart Equipments:My colleagues are robots will be possible.

      Flexible Manufacturing:Satisfy the consumers more easily.

      Lean manufacturing:High efficiency (OEE)、low cost and energy saving


       LEAN logistics

      Logistics changes the information of consumers to purchase, planning, manufacturing, storing, transporting and distributing etc. enterprise launched activities.

      Three dimentions of logistics are service, asset and speed.

      Service is to know and satisfy the need of consumers. The good service is 100% OTIF and without complaints; 

      Asset includes all of the factors which affetcs the value of business including equipment, storage, facilities, people and area used;

      Speed is the response time such as supply chain cycle time, delivey time and stock turnover etc.

      Lean logistics is the ecosystem of multi-wins, is the balance between margin and satisfying customer needs.