Macrolake Pyramid operation model


Pyramid operation model

  If your enterprise wants to be excellent, the core is to arm your people with skills.

  So you can use KBI (Key behavior index) and KPI (Key performance index) to monitor both the behavior and the performance of your staff.

  And you are brave enough to take the responsibility of developing them. You advocate the Pyramid operation thoery that the leader's performance and behavior score should be his subordinates' average plus his own.

  For example, if your score is L1S1 and you have two subordinates whose scores are L2S1 and L2S2 respectively. Professional skill score of the subordinate with score being L2S1 is PSS21, Data managing score is DMS21, and soft skill score is SSS21. Then L2S1=PSS21*(20%-0%)+DMS21*(50%-20%)+SSS21*(100%-50%).

L1S1=(PSS21*5%+DMS21*(20%-5%)+PSS22*5%+DMS22*(20%-5%))/2+SSS11*(100%-20%), because leader's soft skill weight is higher than his suborbinates, the soft skill score use leader's own but not his subordinate's.

  L2S1 or L2S2  score comes from two perepectives which are skill matrix score or KBI ones and KPI ones. Generally the weight of KBI is from 20-40% and KPI is from 80% to 60%.