What percentage of time within a shift do you feel it is necessary for a supervisor should be on production floor?


Randy White • Johnathan, I encourage my Supervisors to be on the floor 80% of the time. Reviewing product, interacting with the employees to improve morale. Listening, talking discussing factors that can improve the quality of work and ergonomics. Basically get your ass in the grass.Shop floor presence let's the employees know that you care and your willing to work with them.
Magia Matang • depends on your organisational structure you can spend more or less time but id say 25% would be minimum one must spend on the floor to lead by example and promptly making decisions .
Adewale Yusuf • It does not matter the number of times. The most important thing, as a leader, is to build and have a team that is independent. Whether the supervisor or team leader is on ground or not, the team must be able to perform its functions effectively.
By this, I do not mean the leader should lazy about or be seen not carrying out his functions.
Warren Maruca • The shift, team or front line leader's job is on the production floor. A crew needs direction, supervision, guidance and a watchful eye of what is going on. The only way a an effective leader can do all of these things is to be out there and accessible.
Jozsef Czirjek I think 70% of his time from a shift he should be on the shop floor.
Jean-François Nicole • I think that most of is time should be on the floor, unless he have some other goal to meet, like C.I., 5S or kaisen to work on, but even in that case I think the supervisor should be replace during those periods of time. I think that the real question is how much time should you leave your production without any support? Or, how much time can my production run at a high effiency without any support?
fatoyinbo oladimeji • i think it depend on the team age, for a fresh team or workers i will agreed with 80-90 percent monitoring, but once the team is matured enough, i dont expect the supervisor to be with the rest of his guys always, or else they may not be independent on their own and this will create a problem for the supervisor any day he could not make it to work.
he should give them chance to prove themselve , while he stood by watching them.