How to coach


    Definition and meaning
    Coach is using silence, questioning and challenge to assist a coachee towards a target.
    Coaching enables people to perform better by building on what they already know. (Story Andrian Moorhouse)
    Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.
    When to coach
    When an individual or team knows the job conetent but can improve on their results
    When motivation is poor
    Before key events
    Following key events
    When no one knows the answer
    When they are more expert than you
    And ......
    The GROW model
    G oal: what is the target you want to reach, issue needs to be resolved etc.
    R eality: what is happening at the moment? What is stopping you achieve what you want to achieve? What is happening that could help you sort this issue out?
    O ptions: What aotions do you have? What is a quick win? What are the priority actions that address the important issues?
    W ill: What are you going to do? By when? What support do you need?
    The precondition of coach
    If one does not believe you, never try to use coach.