Smart phone NFC lock


NFC mobile phone lock key

Mobile phone virtual key to the door based on NFC. You need not to take the physical key or card any more.       

OEM:Yes Brand: Type:OS5102
Color:golden,silver mobile phone system:Android 4.0 and higher version


Items Parameter
Power supply  4.6V-6.5V (4 pieces Type 5 alkaline batteries

Typical static current

 <50 mA (Battery life10–12 months)
Action current  <200 mA (Strong driver)
Low votage Alarm  4.8V
Lock system  Mifare-1 card、NFC Tag,Support NFCmobile phone
Mobile phone  NFC mobile phone,Android 4.0 and higher version
Recognition distance  10-40mm
Door key  1 mother card/25 son cards
Driver  DC-Micromotor
Working Temperature :-20~70℃
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Humidity 5%~95%


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