I am different to the world



Phrases of Nick:
1、“God has a plan to my life giving others hope through my story.”
2、“The tragic thing of life is not losing his arms and legs, but without hope and target! People often complains things they cannot do. If we only remember what we we want to own, but not to cherish what we have owned, that definitely does not improve anything! The real thing that chages destiny is not opportunities but our attitudes.”
3、“You cannot control what you want to meet in the life, but you can strive to live better but not to give up.”
4、“You cannot give up dream, but you can change the direction because you don't know what you will meet around the turning corner.”
5、“Even the worst thing in my life is meaningful to others.”
6、“No hands, no feet, and no worries.”
7、“If you lose, just stand up. ”
8、“If you find that you cannot work miracles, just change yourself to be one.”
9、“Attitude decides the height.”
10、“Never to be afraid to lose, buy continue to try again.”
11、I love my life. Nothing can stops me. But am I always happy? No, I can be sad, I sometimes cry. It is not casued by being without hands and feet because I can accept it. If the person I love is hurt, but i can do nothing, I will be very painful.
12、I love life because I am eager to exist.
13、You cannot choose your life, but you can change it.
14、If you have not given up, then you have not lost.
15、If you plan to give up dream, just keep it for one day, one week, one month or one year. You will find the surprising result by rejecting giving up.
16、Though the environment cannot be changed, you can change your heart, change the perspective to look at the life, encourage your self through my stories to have bigger dream and never give up.
17、It is the biggest lie to think yourself is not good enough; and it is the biggest cheating to think yourse;f have no value.