Chinese and English


    As all of us know, Lodon is holding Olympic Games now. 
    But not like BeJing's being ready for such games, a lot of stadiums seems still in building even the game has started. And not like Beijing's serving for such games, a lot of Lodon people escaped from such busyness which is definitely different from the enthusiasum when they applied for such games.
    It reminded me that when I lived in Lodon, I knew an old lady. Every time we met, she always asked me: "Why not drink a cup of tea in my house?" I always answered her: "It is Ok. Thanks." And then we left for our own business. A few years later when I decided to leave, I really wanted to say good bye to such an acquaintance. Just as usual, she gave me the same invitation and then I suggested:"Why not tomorrow?" The lady suddly lost in bewilderment, shrugged his shoulder and muttered away.
    It also let me remembered that before Chinese often sends the regards by:"Have you eaten?" when met. Now the regards have evolved to:"Hi". Whatever, if you send the inviting signal to have a drink or dinner, Chinese never refuses you.
   But the funny thing is that there is an old Chinese speaking:"Reading 10 thousands of books is not better than travelling one thousand miles of road." with the actuality that Chinese seems enjoying staying at home.  However, you often can meet an English children who carrys one big luggage travelling!