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The scenes and culture of China.

The temple of heaven


Jiu Zhai Valley in China Si chuan Province

The most beautiful water and mountain combination in the world with one step for one scene changing. It is too beautiful for one to express. (Airplane is suggested for safety.)


November impression

Summer of JiuZHai Valley

Summer impression



Place in China you should visit · 霞浦Xia Pu

霞浦 (Xia Pu),“Most beautiful beach in the world”:Colorful sea,golden beach,water waves billow gently.

Photoes taken here are like painted pictures. Photographers form all over the worlds come here to try their luckies and skills getting the best photoes.

Just enjoy the following photoes without needing more languages description:

Major photo taken place:

北歧日出(Sun Rise in Bei Qi)、滩涂劳作(Beach work);小皓海滩(Xiao Hao beach);三沙东壁日落(Sunset) etc.

Photo places:

North line:牙城 杨家溪 (Ya cheng, Yang Jiaxi)。Forest with red trees, very old trees and Bamboo rafting and the scenes along the sea shore.

East line:三沙 (San Sha) 小皓 (Xiao Hao),东壁 (Dong Bi),金沙 (Jin Sha)。Fish boat in Xiao Hao for sunset lights and shadows.

South line:Can take the photoes of sun rise, beach and country village life etc.

West line:Old villages and cultures.


Middle line:Beach for sun rise or set.


Photoes in different seasons:

JAN-FEB | It is cold here. Picking little razor clam can be pictured.

MAR-APR | Fishing and picking little oysters and fishes at the sea can be shot. Banyan trees in Yang Jiaxi(杨家溪) are beautiful.

MAR-JUN | Richest scenes you can shoot. Fishing in the sea. Kelp harvest. Egret birds.

JUL - SEP | Frequent Typhoon. Very cool season. You can shot sky lights and cloud shadow.

OCT - DEC | Purple agar harvest, maple leaves etc.

Besides, more little seas are here.

Season characteristics:

Spring |
A lot of gentle rain with fogs surrounding flowers and old trees.

Summer | Frequent Typhoons bring all kinds of clouds making sunshine more beautiful.

Autumn | Golden and mature season.

Winter | Good for taking photoes of sun rise or set. A little bit cold without freezing.


Photoes for your enjoyments



Scene of Xin Jiang Province in China

新疆绿河Xin Jiang China, Green river新疆喀纳斯清水绕树Xin Jiang clear water surrounding trees新疆紫色Purple world of XinJiang新疆金色河流Golden river in Xin Jiang China新疆秋马Horses in golden trees of Xin Jiang新疆金秋Golden Autumn in Xin Jiang新疆秋林Autumn Forest in Xin Jiang


Secret Buddha light and golden temple appears above EMei Mountain located in Sichan province of China


Secret Buddha light and golden temple appears above EMei Mountain located in Sichan province of China. On the 20th of October, 2012, Rain was forcast locally. Climb step by step and cross in the heavy fog. When we arrived at altitude 2800 meters, the sun appears. Continued to 3000 metres altitude, clouds sea was observed. Suddenly, secret buddha light appears far away. And the golden temple apears and disappears above our head in fog.


Secret golden temple in Emei mountain


EMei moutain,secret golden temple appears in fog and disappered again.


Tour in Inner Mongolia

Grass land river

Grass land river


Cloud like sheep group in the grass land

Horse head violin

Harmonious horse head violin


Horse runs in the grass land

Living in inner mongolia tent

Living in the Inner Mongolian tent

Inner mongolia dancing

The dance of Inner Mongolian


Riding camels in the desert