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We serve remote, classroom and on-site traning and projects coaching your people to improve the process, optimize the plant and reduce the waste. And the following is the services' prices baseline which may be adjusted according to  specific accommodation, transporation and enviroment. The payment supports multiple currencies. You can use points or currency to buy remote services in points store directly.

HACCP QA Training



In plant 4000$;  In Macrolake 400$/Person

DMAIC plant optimization training



In plant 2000$;  In Macrolake 200$/Person

HACCP Project 



On-site coaching (40 000-120 000$)

DMAIC 6 sigma plant optimization project 



On-site coaching(100 000-200 000$ )

TPM/WCM plant operation improvement project



On-site coaching(100 000-200 000$ )

Personnel skills improvement project



On-site coaching(100 000-200 000$ )


Cloud and CPS based assets autonomous maintenance

Cloud and CPS based assets autonomous maintenance

We have experienced team to support you in cloud and cyber phisical system (CPS) based asset management area. Using the system, 

1, You can access the asset situation including KPIs anywhere only if you have one empowered mobile terminal (MT);

2, Once the spare part almost reaches it life cycle, the machine can remind the technician of maintaining it;

3, It uses RFID to monitor the Spare parts usage and its inventory level to avoid repeated book of SPs and keep a safe storage level;

4, It summarizes and calculates the specific life of SPs to avoid down time of machine;

5, Once the machine is broken sown, it helps the technician to find the root cause of problem quickly;

6, Everything will be quick and on time if you depend on cloud and cyber physical system...


Mobile phone based universal appliance remote controller

Throw away all kinds of remote controllers at home, only one smart phone can control all of the appliances including TV, DVD, air conditioner etc.

Product category: 

TPM related cost saving cases sharing

Project scope-operational cost deduction

Confirm programe scope: select filling area to optimize its operational cost for this Chinese customer.

cost structure and driver analysis

Then build up activity based operational cost structure map to identify improvement opportunity. For this American plant, redundant laber was found to be optimized and the effeciency of filling machine needs to be improved using one methodology to calculate the equivalent point of input and output.Attacking losses

Third, setup KPI system and design losses attacking route to improve the availability, performance and quality.

Saving summary-Operational cost deductionC

Finally to confirm the improvement and cost saving. Over filling of the products was reduced in this plant in which there are 10 lines with OEE being 57% (World class OEE is 85%) and the annualized plant saving is 2.99 million RMB.